Stanley started writing screenplays in 2019.
At first it was short films and sketches.
Later moving on to feature films culminating with the first feature to be produced "Teddy and the Mountain" (2024)

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A woman returns to a small mining town and stumbles on the mystery disappearance of a girl many years ago. Something is stalking her but is it a sprit or something else?

Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Pagination: 90
Status: Writing Now

WT: The Unseen

A mother and daughter move away to escape a haunted house only to find the new house holds a secret too.

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Pagination: 90
Status: 2nd Draft

Punch and Judy

Trapped in an abusive relationship Judy hatches a plan for freedom but are poisoned sausages the way to do it?

Genre: Dark Comedy
Pagination: 90
Status: 2nd Draft

Giga Stacy

Giga Stacy has it all while Melvin has nothing.
But soon Melvin will have Stacy right where he wants her.

Genre: Thriller
Pagination: 90
Status: 2nd Draft

Teddy and the Mountain

Finding love at 70 is no walk in the park.

Genre: RomCom / Drama
Pagination: 90
Runtime: 99 Minutes
Status: Picture locked / Releasing Q2 2024
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